By subscribing to the FIREANT and with the purchase of the VVT unit(s), you agree to and accept the terms and conditions as stipulated within this agreement. 


Company Name:


Co. Reg. No.


Old Co. Reg. No.


Incorporation Date:

18 October 2018

Incorporation Country:




Paid Up Capital:


Official Address:

29A-0702, The Maritime Suite, Persiaran Karpal Singh 2, Jelutong

11600, Penang, Malaysia.

Registered Address:

A-07-3A, EKOCHERAS, No. 693, Batu 5, Jalan Cheras, Cheras

55600, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Company Secretary:






Bank Account No:


Nature of Business:

Computer Consultancy, Web Portals, Other Related IT Service Activities



This agreement and its terms and conditions safeguard your benefits for participating in the FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Program. This agreement precisely stipulates all terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and false expectation that may arise from the AVA FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Program. By signing this agreement and/or the subscription application form, the subscriber agrees to, and accept the terms and conditions hereafter.

Common References in This Document

  1. AVA SEMARAK BERHAD, formerly known as AVA Netlink Malaysia Sdn Bhd (1299218-V) commonly referred to as “The Company” or “AVA”.
  2. AVA FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Purchase Program commonly referred to as “The Program”.
  3. Subscribers to this Program commonly referred to as “The Customer”, “Subscriber” or “FIREANT VVT Holder”.
  4. Shares commonly referred to as “Share”, “Equity”, or “Stock” and include all its singular and plural forms.
  5. Valuations commonly referred to the mechanisms, systems, and methods applied by appointed valuer to measure and record the value of The Company and its Business activities to regulate the price for sale and trade of shares.

Purpose of VVT Purchase

  1. Subscribers join AVA FIREANT as the FIREANT platform lifetime subscriber.
  2. Subscribers agree to fund AVA in its research, development, and testing of AVA REDNOTE, PYRONET and BIGBYTE.
  3. VVT stands for Venture Valuation Token and denominates the risks, potential rewards, and the level of privileges subscribers can expect in return.

VVT Price

  1. The Company intends to achieve a total FIREANT sales revenue of RM7 mil through the FIREANT: ACCESSION program.
  2. 1250 VVT units will be offered throughout phases the FIREANT: ACCESSION Program.
  3. Each VVT unit is priced at RM5800 with the first 250 units given a RM1000 discount each.

Fundamental Benefits

  1. FIREANT: ACCESSION subscribers enjoy an arrangement of equity privileges and benefits upon the successful launch and market of the 3 AVA projects.
  2. VVT Holders are eligible for rewards and privileges according to the terms & conditions contained herein this agreement.
  3. Ten percent (10%) of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD equity shares are allocated to provide FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT holders with Equity Privileges. An equivalent of 4 million shares will be divided among 1250 VVT slots and to provide the said benefits.
    1. Each VVT slot is backed with 3200 share units.
    2. Equity benefit is allocated to VVT holder as per this agreement without actual shareholding transfer, unless strictly in compliance to the terms and conditions explicitly listed under Conditional Shareholding section.
  4. Any special arrangements (see Special Arrangement section) will supersede and replace clauses 14(a) to 14(b).

Peripheral Benefits

  1. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders have full access to use the FIREANT Venture Education features.
  2. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders have full access to use the FIREANT Discussion Forum features.
  3. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders are eligible for BIGBYTE e-wallet Reward Points.
  4. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders have full access to BIGBYTE VIP section for free gift redemptions.
  5. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders are eligible for AVA GEMCUBE PHILANTHROPY benefits. The standard terms and conditions of AVA GEMCUBE apply.
  6. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders are eligible for AVA FIREANT EMERGENCY CASH Program. The standard terms and conditions of AVA FIREANT EMERGENCY CASH Program apply.
  7. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders can enjoy dividend sharing from the allocated AVA SEMARAK BERHAD equity when dividends are announced by the Company.
  8. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders can enjoy a one-time Exit Bonus upon successful strategic exit of AVA Semarak Berhad in the future. There is no guaranteed that AVA Semarak Berhad will successfully exit the venture, but this is a strategic long-term goal of the company. The Exit Bonus depends on the valuation of AVA Semarak Berhad upon exit. VVT Holder’s entitlement is calculated based on the allocated equity.
  9. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders can enjoy cashback benefits up to 40% when they purchase other approved AVA products and services. The actual rate of such cashback will be determined at the point of contract based on the contract value and types of products and services acquired.
  10. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holders are allowed to actual shareholding if they satisfy the terms and conditions as stipulated under the Conditional Shareholding section of this agreement.

Payment in Kind vs Cash Payment

  1. All rewards and fees are paid via AVA BIGBYTE e-wallet credits. No cash payment will be allowed. VVT Holders can redeem products from the BIGBYTE e-commerce platform using e-wallet credit points.
  2. Equity Based Dividends (if announced) will be paid in cash and banked-in to VVT Holder’s registered bank account.
  3. Valuation capital gains (upon successful exit of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD) will be paid in cash and banked-on to VVT Holder’s registered bank account.

Conditional Shareholdings

  1. FIREANT subscribers are customers and not investors. Benefits from equity shares are only as contracted in this agreement without actual shareholding transfer.
  2. However, conditional shareholding is permissible strictly in compliance to these terms & conditions:
    1. FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT Holder is already an existing shareholder of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD.
    2. As required in the Special Arrangement section of this agreement.
  3. Share transfer filing with SSM will be carried out only once a year, subjective to the approval of the Board of Management of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD.

Referral Benefits

  1. Referral benefits are only available for existing FIREANT: ACCESSION subscribers.
  2. Each successful VVT referral is backed with 320 share units, which will be allocated to the FIREANT: ACCESSION subscriber making the referral.
  3. To avoid mistakes, AVA will explicitly refer to the Referrer’s Name registered in the form and no other references shall be entertained.
  4. Only registered and fully paid referred VVT subscriptions can be considered as a successful referral.

Duration of Program

  1. This AVA FIREANT: ACCESSION VVT program will automatically cease upon the successful strategic exit of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD.
  2. Upon successful exit of AVA SEMARAK BERHAD and the payment of Exit Bonus, this agreement will automatically be deemed as void and annulled.

Governing Law

  1. This agreement, and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement or its formation (including any non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Malaysia law.

Special Arrangements

  1. Unless explicitly mentioned in this section, there are no special arrangements included in this agreement.

Conditions Precedent Prior Before Agreement Becomes Effective

  1. This Agreement is enforceable upon the satisfaction of the below criteria:
    1. Acceptance of this document.
    2. A purchase of VVT unit(s) is complete.
    3. All information submitted during the VVT purchase is complete, true, and correct.
    4. Payment of purchase is made in full.
    5. Proof of payment is provided to the Company.


  1. FIREANT: ACCESSION subscribers can track and manage purchased VVT units using the AVA FIREANT website.
  2. An online account on the website will be created and communicated to all VVT holders when available.
  3. Announcements and updates will be communicated through AVA social media page if public or via email and other messaging applications deemed suitable if private.